Network marketing offers a wonderful way to work freely and independently, and to earn as much money as you want. Sounds magical? More and more women are seizing this modern and timely opportunity, and today they have a 75% share in this business.


Lydia Werner is one of Europe’s top women networkers. Her recipe for success, Make Life WOW, has already been implemented by thousands of people throughout Europe. For the first time, she presents her recipe in this book and shows how her huge success in this business became possible. And you, too, can achieve what she has.


The book shows step by step how anyone can build a successful network-marketing business. It is packed full of true stories that inspire and encourage, and gives you a wealth of concrete, practical tips for real and lasting success in this business. This is a how-to book with success guaranteed. And it is a heartfelt invitation to all women to do their own thing!


Lydia Werner reached a number of professional and private milestones at a young age, going from the profession of hairdresser to passing the matriculation examination through evening classes, from a jet-setting life to art academy and finally to self-employment.


In 2004, she began working with her current partner company, initially alongside her own three companies in Austria.


Today, Lydia Werner leads an international team of people from all kinds of backgrounds who have opted for a financially independent and autonomous life.


She is one of the company’s top leaders and is known in the industry as a professional and a specialist in human nature.


Her promise: “I’ll take you to your limits. But it will bring you success with ease.”




"What really matters" -  was the motto of the look! - Business Award 2019, which look! Editor Uschi Pöttler-Fellner has initiated for  the past 5 years. I was honored to be nominated and even more honored to win in my category "Business Networks".


The awards are for successful career women and entrepreneurs, visionaries and local founders in Austria.