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Lydia Werner The Networker Online course for women in network marketing




This online course answers exactly these and other questions, supports you in your decisions and gives you the self-confidence you need to start successfully in this industry. Learn at your own pace and learn everything about the job of a networker!!


The basics of success

What is the job of a networker?

Lydia's secret of success

The business of the future explained

No more fear of contact: I clear up the mistakes

The path to independence

Type Test: Are You The Network Marketing Type?

Module 1 online course for women in network marketing
Module 2 online course for women in network marketing


Your tasks

What are the tasks of a networker?

Recognize your network marketing potential

Earning money made easy: Basic Work for      Master Work

How much time can it be? Set your own pace

Your education will lead you to success

My gift to you: the time matrix


Your career

Where is your career going Define your goals

How do you generate income?

Full-time or part-time: You decide

Appreciation & recognition: This is how you are rewarded!

Bonus: Your accounting made easy! Tips from an expert

Module 3 online course for women in network marketing
Network Marketing FAQs


Questions and answers

This is how you get rid of fears and insecurities

self-doubt? We do not need!

image profit

Why doesn't everyone do this?

Dangers & Risks: This is really up to you


Which company?

Let's talk business baby :)

Recognize a good company

What do you have to invest?

what is your motive Define your next steps to success

Celebrate your milestones

Network Marketing Company

"Honestly: "You have nothing to lose, you can only win! This online course is a must-have for my business!"

Kerstin Eigenbrod 


Who is this course suitable for?

For all those who want to start in the network marketing business and want to know what to expect in this profession.

For all networkers, as support for partner acquisition.

Important! This course is not a network marketing course. Please contact your mentor.⁣

The networker of the online course for women in network marketing


This course is worth its weight in gold

You get from me:


I will guide you through the world of network marketing and share my know-how with you. Learn the do's and don'ts. Learn how to make money. And learn how to win customers and build a team. Experts and powerful women make it easier for you to start your own business


Here you have no limits. Take the time you need to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of network marketing. In the end, you should have gained the courage and confidence to choose the company that is right for you.

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