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Success Mentor Lydia Werner Podcast Make Life Wow



Unvarnished. Close. Transparent. 

Make Life Wow is the podcast for all self-employed people and entrepreneurs in network marketing and of course for those who would like to become one.  

In my podcast I give you exclusive insights into my network marketing business and my life as a networker. 


I will introduce you to inspiring women and give you many tips and tools. I also report on challenges and crises that I personally had to overcome. Because the learnings and insights have also made me what I am today: A network marketing expert who knows how to lead others to success.

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Make Life Wow Podcast with Lydia Werner
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Episode of the week

Image by Pepi Stojanovski

The power of our story! 

Why do I tell my story over and over again?


I just recently did a reel on Instagram about it. It's about credibility and identification. You may be hearing my story for the first time. She may address you in many ways or not at all. Then it's the story of another person from our industry.


Everyone who has heard my story more than once always hears something new. 

Episode 182
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Folge der Woche


“Dear Lydia! Make Life Wow is one of my absolute favorite podcasts! I enjoy listening to you, not only because you have a very pleasant voice, but also because your words always inspire me and often hold a mirror up to me. Thanks a lot for this!"

Goldregen1972, 01/27/23

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