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Hi I am


Power woman, travel holic, yoga lover, podcaster, author, mom and networker with passion.

Lydia Werner shopping in Mallorca

My life track

Always visionary and creative, I went through several professional and private stations at a young age. From being a hairdresser, to the evening school-leaving certificate, to the airline industry, from jet set life to art academy and ultimately to my own family and independence.

A colorful path of valuable experiences, with a lot of love for people and their dreams.

In my first career from 1993 to 2009 I managed three company locations in Austria. This led to press reports, among others, in Profit ("Franchise Idea of the Month") and New Business ("Entrepreneur of the Year").

Success mentor Lydia Werner on Mallorca

At the beginning of 2010, I completed this 18-year success story and embarked on a new path.   A few years earlier I decided to work with my current partner company.

The concept of ethics, organic and nature suited me 100% as a health-conscious person. 

In view of the uncertain future prospects, I saw a second mainstay as a wise decision. A few years later it was my chance to make a new decision.

Out of the entrepreneur trap as a lone fighter, out of the financial pressure, out of the hamster wheel - into a new life. 

The great adventure began. And I learned a completely new profession that became my great calling.

Networker Lydia Werner on a walk
Erfolgmentorin Lydia Werner Ringana Event
Entrepreneur since 1993
Lydia Werner springt vor Freude bei einem Ringana Treffen
18 years in network marketing
Ringana Team Treffen Mallorca
More than 30,000 team partners - 90% women
Gewinner Lydia Werner Business Look Award
Winner Business Look Award 2019
Why I left a billionaire to build my own empire

So much can already be revealed: none of us need a billionaire at our side to become a successful entrepreneur!


First against, then for

If someone had told me that one day I would make great history in network marketing. I would have declared this person crazy. I had my views, like so many people, about this industry. But as an entrepreneur I have learned:

Question what you reject prematurely and get a comprehensive picture for yourself. I did this. Listen to my story - because I wish and I wish you that in the end you don't feel like you missed an opportunity.  ​

Seize opportunities My story in network marketing

What I like so much about my job
made happy

Network marketing author and power woman up close

The human

It's the people that move me.

I invest all my passion in my team. People I didn't know before became friends and enrich my life today.⁣

I have made it my mission to help others to inspire others  and the Bto make the best of her life.

Networker and author Lydia Werner Successful author podcaster Youtuber

My favorite are

Vegan food
Chi Secco
"Go Supernatural" by Dr. Joe Dispenza
Discover the world
Anything depending on your mood


Instagram is my hang out. I share a lot of personal things here: how I live, what I eat and how I keep fit. I take you with me on my travels and show you the most beautiful places on earth.

I will also give you an insight into my everyday work, how I work with my team partners, how I coach and motivate them. What are you waiting for! Become part of my community!

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