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Make Life Wow Women's power in network marketing Lydia Werner
Your vision board by success mentor Lydia Werner

My tools described in the book

In search of a successful time management tool, I came up with a simple concept that works perfectly for me:

The time matrix

We women in particular have to balance a lot: family, household, job. We want flexibility and creative freedom. (So in English)

Time Matrix Network Marketing Lydia Werner
Make Life Wow Podcast with Lydia Werner

My advice

Would you like to whip your network marketing business into shape? But don't have enough time?

In this video I show you how you can become more productive in the home office. You will be amazed at how simple this concept is.

You can also listen to my podcast episode"No time is a lie - productivity in the home office"and learn how to find enough time and even generate extra time.

It works - I promise!

Zeitmatrix Tool English
Selbstbestimmt Arbeiten im Network Marketing

Feel free to download my free tools for you here.

Just click on the icon





More tools

Become a master of customer acquisition network marketing

The Success Plan for Customer Acquisition

Free PDF roadmap: Find out which 6 simple steps you can use to expand your expertise in customer acquisition. 

Your advantages:

  • Learn to communicate purposefully

  • Increase your added value

  • Optimize your online presence

  • Turn customers into regular customers


To you
100 impulses to happiness

Your giveaway for potential new partners

Feel free to download this poem. Add a personal dedication and give it to someone you want to win for your team, ideally even in combination with a product from your company.

Beige Brown Modern Coffeeshop Brochure .jpg

Poem Download

I'm happy if you contribute storiesInstagramshare with me how you use this poem, for example, what your ideas are, whether it did you any good or whether it was your personal aha moment to start a network business of your choice. 

Sincerely, Lydia Werner

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